Plugin Documentation

Download example plugin and unpack it. plugins.xml contains plain text data for your plugin.

info holds information about plugin
title Info: plugin name Attributes: lang="en_US"
desc Info: plugin description Attributes: lang="en_US"

itemholds information about plugin item
name Info: item name Attributes: lang="en_US"
desc Info: item description Attributes: lang="en_US"
link Info: item website link Attributes: none
gameid Info: in-game item id Attributes: none

Provide _menu.png and two images for each item. For example: you have item named workbench - so, you must provide two images named workbench.png and to_workbench.png.

Note: do not use spaces in name tag. Use _ instead.

Pack all files into .zip archive. All files must be in root.

Languages support in next version: feel free to start to add descriptions for another languages by adding lang="(language code)" in attributes. Use language and country codes (example lang="de_DE" for german language).

Note: you can create plugin in your language right now. Just use default lang="en_US" tag and provide info about language in plugin title.

Final step

Host your plugin on any site, install it, check it for errors and send it to us via email (above) if you want to publish it on this portal.